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Getting to the point of the ONE POINT TECHNIQUE with a little less waffle.
Whilst I find kinesiology endlessly fascinating, you might not. You might just want to feel better!
So as we slowly emerge from the winter hibernation and feels the tickle of spring, please feel welcome to come for a treatment to focus your efforts, nurture your emergence, embrace your spring.
When we ask the body for guidance and it shows the way.
DMs Welcome to inquire about appointments or booking available via the website.

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A cheery Monday Morning to you!
I have been struck by this thought most mornings as I walk to work that I thought I’d share/ask.

Do you think that our current health care system is more like sick care? Disease management?
Go see the doctor, get a pill, carry on with life as you know it, sick and disempowered to really effect any change?

When there are so many examples of how engaged health care can have huge benefits, why would you not involve yourself with your own well-being?
The sickness is a sign.
The pain a message from your body.

I understand, it’s complicated.
Trust me, after many years of learning, it’s still wonderfully complex BUT it is also incredibly interesting.

It’s your body afterall. The physical matter that gives you the opportunity to experience life.
I am so impressed how systematic kinesiology, in all its mystery, gives such clear signals as to where the body needs attention. Where YOU can offer healing.
Not your doctor.
YOU, Yourself, your efforts, your body, your life.
If you are curious, I couldn’t be more conveniently positioned than right across the road from the centre for the sick.
You can book in for an appointment via messaging me or checking out availability through the link in the bio.
My job is to translate what YOUR body is trying to tell YOU 🙏

#thebodyholdsthescore #systematickinesiology #traditionalchinesemedicine #holistichealth #complimentarymedicine #acupressure #nutritioncoaching #traumahealing #healthcare

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2023 was a year of huge transformation.
And so the celebrate New Year we celebrated.
A dream come true.
A new adventure.
Egypt you are majestic.
Ancient, exquisite and beyond what I imagined.
This has been a short and dreamy trip filled with synchronicity and many positive omens.
No doubt I will return.
2024 the dream continues.
I shall fall into line with the end of the Irish winter with a warm heart and the joy of doing what I love.

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too“
The Alchemist, my poolside read.

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This time last year as I was so burnt out.
My adrenals were blown and I was starting to see the signs. I took the fragile pic on my first day back to work.
My generous spirit had emptied me.
My lesson was not only to understand and recognise HOW,
But to feel into the WHY!
Why could I give so endlessly and yet have such an inability to receive?

Dear 2023, you were the best teacher ever!!
Guided ever so delicately by kinesiology.

From the discomfort I learnt to sit fully with the pain.
To lean into the discomfort
I listened.
For it would lead me to where I needed to heal.
Where I needed to give all my attention.
You cannot cheat the body.
And when you hit empty you need to refill.
2023 you taught me to be present
To let go
To accept
You taught me to follow my instinct
To expand
To trust
You taught me to express

You taught me who I am
You brought me home

And I am here now at the top of a new year
Ready to share.
Ready to receive.

Having learnt the hard way, I am embracing ease.
My skills and expertise are expanding at a phenomenal rate. When the struggle ends, we move into flow.
I have clinic appointments available.
Private consultations & treatments in kinesiology. These give a surprising guide to what you need to focus on.

I am curious to explore wellbeing collaborations with those working in nutrition, movement, sound, breath, somatic practices, traditional Chinese medicine, therapy, personal development.
I wish to develop more awareness of complimentary natural health practices with taster events, in your venue or organisation if you like!
I’m up for Podcasting guesting
Conference presentations.
An extra bonus at your well-being Retreat.
Natural health product review, be it supplements, self help courses or books, online Events, webinars.
Keen as mustard as you can see.
Clinic starts 15/01/2024

If I can face my lion and not run away, so can you!
Be your change.
I am here to help you with the gentle guide that kinesiology provides.
Inquire for an appointment via the bio or you can always DM me.

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The coat is on.
The first week is done.
I am super grateful to be settled in my new clinic in Kings House, Holywood.

I am beyond grateful for all the moments, decisions, inspiration and people who have opened up the world of kinesiology to me as a career development. It has changed me beyond belief.

It has peeled back so much of my own healing extravaganza that it is a pleasure to share the route with others.

To stop, listen and be curious enough to learn that the symptoms are signs that we are imbalanced is the first step. Winter is the perfect opportunity to do so.
Do not be afraid.
Wherever the symptom may be it is a sign of how far we are from ease. Befriend it.

So very excited to begin this textured body of work.
As the year ends, I cannot wait for 2024.

Available for appointments outside of this research project if you are curious enough to book an initial appointment.

I am going to look into a more compatible system booking system in the new year for ease of use but for the meantime, there is a link for in my bio for bookings or you can directly message me here.

May you be well.
Happy weekend.


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This could be consider a last call.
Be an alert.
Anyway it’s definitely a FYI.
If you feel the call… now is your opportunity.
This is a unique chance.
I am so happy to dedicate my time to this research.
The modality of kinesiology really allows for a deep dive.
Which way will a session go?
Only one way to find out.
Feel free to direct message me if you want to avail of a 15 minute intro call to receive further information or answer your questions.


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It’s officially official and I couldn’t feel more at home.
From the chaos of the past 12 months to complete calm.
I have always been here, I was just waiting to arrive.

Delighted to find myself in the cosy little attic space at King’s House, Holywood able to offer 1:1 Kinesiology treatments from Monday to Friday.

It’s quite the jump from big workshops & events to working with each individual. From the macro to the micro. From the external to the internal. The constant ebb and flow of things. I have jumped, and the net will appear.

I am embracing it all.

If you are curious about this modality, you are warmly invited to pay me a visit. I would be more than delighted to treat you ✨

From physical conditions to psychological issues, food sensitivities to organs under stress, there’s a myriad of health issues kinesiology can help with.

Feeling like crap? I can guarantee you’ll leave feeling less like crap and maybe, just maybe in the mood for some festive cheer even! ✨

We are frequency.
Our heart beats at a certain frequency.
Our thoughts and our speech has a vibration and frequency.

“The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine”. Einstein

December 1st, clinic is open.
Where is my red ribbon to cut? 🎀

Check out the link in the bio.
You know where to find me!
I’m here for you.

#kinesiology #holistichealth #traditionalchinesemedicine #naturalhealth #healingvibrations #newchapter

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You’ll find me in my attic.
Being my best self.

Feels like I have always been here.

This new chapter is the lasso capturing everything
I have have been, all that I am and everything I am becoming.

I look forward to welcoming you for a treatment.
Doors open December 1st.

Come as you are for a five elements balance.
Perhaps you need to switch into winter mode?
Or maybe you have a pain/ache/discomfort/symptom needing your attention.
This is a space to share, unload and find a plan towards your holistic health care.

I am here.
It’s cosy .
Come treat yourself

Treatment details in the bio
Or reach out in a DM

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Nature is a mirror.
The golden leaves in low sunlight.
Perfectly autumnal, although we have crossed the bridge into Winter now.

It is the beginning of a descent into alchemy.

In Chinese medicine and in our Celtic calendar Autumn is the time to let go.

Did you embrace this?
Are you still holding on to something?

Now the new journey begins to sow the seeds of what is to come. Now is the time to be still, peaceful.

If something lingers…
An old pattern,
Negative limiting beliefs,
Parental or ancestral traumas,
A memory of suffering you need to leave behind,
Release it.
Be light.
Enjoy the darkness, for there are jewels to be found.


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Announcing an announcement‼️
Something got your considerations.
Share with someone who might benefit.
I am here ❤️

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