During Roman times, sauerkraut was eaten because of its health giving properties.

In ancient India it was not uncommon to enjoy a pre-dinner drink of lassi.

Koreans have being consuming kimchi for years while other Asian cultures eat pickled fermentations of cabbage, turnips, cucumbers and carrots.

From kefir (fermented milk) to sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), miso paste (fermented soybean) and Korean kimchi (fermented vegetables), a love affair of live cultured food and drink has begun as health-conscious consumers seek products to deliver the long list of benefits fermented foods extol.

The Cultured Club™ has been carefully crafting a range of Fabulously Funky Ferments™ products which loyal customers testify as being “full of flavour” , “the best in town” and “the liveliest on the palate”.

These hand crafted artisan foods are superior in taste and flavour due to the small scale production and our customers have grown to trust the direct connection and assured quality of the product. We pride ourselves on quality, authenticity, local, home-made, small scale and naturally fermented.

However The Cultured Club™ is expanding and the demand for product is growing and we simply cannot meet the need.  As a company of integrity, we do not wish to capitalise by an upscale, instead we wish to offer the opportunity for those with a passion for fermented foods to be part of this growing brand, so we have a special offer available to the right producers.



If you have ever thought of earning some money from producing food, we are franchising our products, and as the global trend for fermented foods is one of the hottest markets for the coming years, NOW is the ideal time for you to start your own fermented business from home trading under the growing brand of The Cultured Club

Consumption of fermented foods can be traced back thousands of years, if not longer,  these are amongst the safest foods on the planet but it seems in 2016, buoyed by consumers’ heightened awareness of the negative perceptions of processed foods, fermented foods are to establish themselves as a major food trend.

The franchise will offer you all you need to get started in your own production.

It will include:

  • Standardised recipes
  • Individual HACCP plans
  • Print ready label PDFs
  • Instructional videos on how to make and support as you get established.

This affordable Franchise will guarantee you an impressive range of unique foods with a strong customer following.

Registration of interest from those wishing to join The Cultured Club will be opening soon  for approval in the next fortnight, with a Franchise ready for purchase early November.

Once your application is approved, your franchise will be Recipe, Location and Brand specific producing homemade foods for your community.

This is processing the natural way.

Further details will be posted on the Fabulously Funky Ferments page.

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