There was one niggling little inconveniences of our recent travels, which actually is a pretty big deal, and that was WATER.

Without our regular source of filtered water from home, we spent the first week relying on buying bottled water from wherever we could buy.  We did try to be considerate and stick to the big 5L bottles until the tip of all travels tips arrived!


Water in Rural Portugal is convenient to access from public fountains which are dotted around the countryside or in little villages.  If it is non-potable, a sign will let you know.

To ease the conscience, you can pick up a fab glass wine bottle from the agricultural shops in the larger towns, they coat about €2 maximum.


I really dispise buying plastic, it is daily issue and this was worth it to reduce our use of plastics.  Fish and birdlife are starving on a diet of plastic bottle tops and other plastics as demonstrated by the compelling film Midway.

Whilst this was on my mind, this great initiative came upon my radar which really apealled to my WASTELESS aspirations! It is a wonderful bottle refilling initiative in the UK which really could be happening EVERYWHERE!



Refill is a free tap water initiative designed to reduce plastic pollution and promote healthy hydration by making refilling a water bottle easy, social and rewarding!  Check it out here and if there is not a scheme near you perhaps you can be the change!

Refill App to Help You Ditch Bottled Water

This app will help you ditch bottled water and could save you thousands of dollars!With City to SeaDownload the app and learn more here:

Posted by Rob Greenfield on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nearly two thirds (64%) of us rarely or never carry a reusable bottle when out during the day. As a mum, I usually have at least one rolling about in the car or at the bottom of the bag.  Getting water from public fountains was a wonderful pit-stop with the children and favoured greatly over visiting another boldly supermarket.  There was often a local filling up at the same time which led to efforts of communication which ranged from portuguese to french and lots of smiles!

I can only imagine that supporting an initiative such as this and affecting change would lead to all manner of new conversations and interactions with your area and the people in your community.


If not get in touch with Refill HQ


Staying hydrated on the go is absolutely vital for our health, here is why: