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Around now everything gets a bit shit, sorry to be blunt, but honestly PMS sucks.

I need a whole new wardrobe because every item of clothing looks drab and nothing fits.

I so desperately want to live in a bigger house, the lack of space leads to great anxiety.


I want to eat, but have no idea what, except some chocolate of course and don’t talk to me or even suggest anything….about anything!

The thieves of joy are tearing through my mind and on a rampage in every corner of my positive potential.

If “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it” (Charles R Swindoll)  It is going to be difficult journey… least this week!

Comparing, complaining, crictising, competing.

Sound familiar?

This is a hormonal rampage, wild notions that overwhelm.  They are out of character BUT they remind me to firstly check in on my cycle.

Quelle surprise!!!!!!

Yes it is the week leading up to my period, I block it out in red on my calendar so I can cleary see that something might ingnite.

I see it coming, my husband sees it coming, my children even see it coming!

These thoughts can be so far away from my balanced disposition of gratitude and happiness with yet further possibility of gathering momentum.

Once this premenstrual tornado whips up, I know I can turn this thing around baby!!!

I can expect these hormonal fluctuations and I can choose to support them.

With nourishing food to balance my hormones.

With herbal tonics to regulate and cleanse.

With a beautiful walks to feel alive and nourish my senses.

With time amongst female friends for support.

With plenty of sleep to relax and repair.

And a healthy dollop of humour. It is important to have a good laugh at myself.

Those sweet craving for empty food, I can satisfy with some tasty seed fudge. (A recipe I will soon document to share!)

I like to lather up with an indulgent essential oil blend of lavender, jasmine, marjoram, geranium, clary sage etc. This can add some ceremony to the occasion.  At least you will smell rather good.

We are cyclic beings, never the same, always undulating.

In our cycle we have been busy preparing a home for new life, now it is time to let it flow out through you.  Every 28 days is a little unfair, I can only agree, but complaining will not change it.

I like to let the wave of menstrual flow into a movement of menstrual confidence, dignity and pride. I have enjoyed influencing the highs and lows to settle more into a balanced state.

They are less extreme in recent years. They are subtle yet expected. Why I was not gifted this possibility many years ago has come to inspire me to make the knowledge available for others to enjoy.

By paying particular attention to my gut health, I have nurtured a healthy microbiome with a wide range of bacterial microflora all of which are hugely beneficial to balancing hormones.  This has noticeably helped me find balance and know myself, so I can enjoy this time. When something is up, I know what to do.

Owning your menstruation and transforming it is a celebration in busting the menstrual taboos and turning your flow into a POSTIVE MENSTRUAL TIME.

The new #PMT

Join myself and Mayella Almazan of Yo Soy Gaia to explore a special way to track your cycle and implement a menstrual self care strategy, alongside foods to nourish and improve your hormonal health.

10th JUNE 2018 at The Fumbally Cafe, 8 Fumbally Ln, Merchants Quay, Dublin, Ireland 

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