Culturing your kitchen.

It has often been said “If I could just take you back to my kitchen”  as customers dip their tastebuds into the delicious world of fermented and cultured foods.

Each time I hear it I genuinely think “I would love too do that” but in reality there are not enough days in the week.

However it did start me thinking : What if I could come to your kitchen?

Well, now, I can!!!

This day long workshop is designed to

  1. Introduce the principles of fermenting your food
  2. Set up the various cultures which will do the magic bit for you
  3. Introduce an hassle-free system to maintaining these Cultures.
  4. Demonstrate how easy it is to turn your food into superfood
  5. Introduce your tastebuds to this new and lively taste
  6. Leave you with a range of dishes and meals you can easy create yourself.

The Day will start at 10am finishing up at 4pm in which time you will be guided through the various fermented foods and drinks that are so easy to make.

You will learn:

How to make water kefir,  kombucha, kvass and traditional lemonades and these will be set up to ferment in your kitchen with clear instruction on how to bottle and store them when fermented.

How to make milk kefir and alternative milk kefir and a variety of ways to use these superfoods.

How to make Laban cheese from kefir and hoe to make alternative nut cheeses, spreads and dips

How to make a fermented food using a two different techniques.

How to ferment your condiments such mayo, mustard or ketchup

How to make scrap vinegars to reduce waste in your kitchen.

How to a easy assemble a meal from these ready made foods.

You will enjoy:

An introductory smoothie packed full of superfoods to start the day.

A light lunch featuring of a variety of fermented foods.

Demonstrations and hands-on making of these traditional foods using two techniques.

Food preparation for a hassle free dinner.

All this will be enjoyed with a friend, your ‘Cultured Buddy’ of choice!  This can be important to help you share your excitement of these foods alongside helping you retain the information!!


There will be a consultation before the arranged workshop to establish any food intolerances or allergy. Fermented foods compliment any diet and as powerful healing foods may help ease any food sensitivities.

All food will be provided on the day and inclusive of any jars.  A starter kit of basic utensils will also be included.

Once your tastebuds have been exposed to the ‘living’, vibrant taste of these foods you will want more and lucky they will be ready in your kitchen to enjoy !


Fermentation across the Nation!

Our regular monthly courses in OX restaurant give us that warm fussy feeling everytime and we can’t keep that all to ourselves, right?  The Cultured Club has some wonderful collaborations to bring to you in the coming months.

First up is a trip to The Good Food Initative in Ranelagh to bring the Introductory delights to all there!

The Mission of the initiative is to encourage people to learn more about sourcing and preparing food and developing their own expertise around its role in maintaining good health and every underlying philosophy and aim of this intiative resonates strongly with the ethos of The Cultured Club.

You can find out more about this wonderful resource here: and hoping we’ll see you there THIS Saturday.

March 7th 2015



I do believe there is one place left for someone who’s gut instinct just cannot be without these amazing foods any longer!




The Cultured Club is dedicated to reviving this lost tradition and bringing the control of our health into our own kitchens.
'Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be food' is a hard philosophy to live by when we are so removed from the food we eat.

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