Nature is in bloom and the creative juices are flowing in the kitchen as forged goodness finds its way into dishes and into jars. There are many projects on the go right now, from vinegar infusions to floral syrups with many, many jars of fermented goodness bubbling and hissing away.  I am sure some of these will be dehydrated down to powders, as the fridge is now full and the seasons heat will surely spoil many of them too soon.

Orange Kefir with red clover & gorseTraditional Orange whey drink with red clover & gorse infusion

As the culinary side of things is in full swing, The Cultured Club is growing and collaborating to bring a wider sense of purpose.


This new development brings to life a very exciting project which will celebrate Summer. (I laugh as I write this with a blanket wrapped around me for warmth!!!)  The Cultured Club will collaborate with Helen’s bay Organic Gardens to bring you a dining experience which re-connects diners to the land and the origins of their food, celebrating the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it.  To highlight this we will present  6 courses of freshly harvested food, local artisan additions, foraged flavours and fermented goodness at natures table………in a polytunnel at Helen’s Bay Organic Gardens.

CULTIVATE compassion, conscious consumerism, connection, celebration and community.  Now is your chance to CULTIVATE CULTURE.



We are having lots of fun perfecting the menu for you…….  Here is a glimpse of potential plates:

Refreshing Aperatifs

Traditional lemonade

Orange tumeric kombucha

Elderflower water kefir

Midsummers fruit kvass

Beetroot pickled quail Eggs with miso mayonnaise & dukkah

 Cucumber roll with laban nut cheese, pomegranate , capers, fermented pesto

Summer  Gazpacho/Bar Tartine Cold Beet Soup

Mouli carpaccio, parmesan, forgaged sea radish, micro greens, crispy nettles & wild clover syrup.

 Sea vegetable croquettes with black garlic, raw noodles & crispy kimchi salad, nori paste, wild garlic flowers

Asian inspired Slaw

Wild flower Salad.

Coffee Kombucha Digestif

Chocolate Avocado mousse

Fermented Lemon & Lavendar cashew nut cheese cake


Ok, I know, it is more than six, but there is such abundance at the moment that we are spoilt for choice!  The taste tests continue and all the enjoyment this project is cultivating will surely translate into the food.

BOOK NOW  for this magical mid-summers eve event to avoid disappointment.