Before I am hung, drawn and quartered for cultural sacrilege, I wish to declare my intention with CULTURED and the food exploration it seeks to present.  It is perhaps part of an overall expression that to know others (other cultures) helps one to understand and appreciate yourself (your own culture).

I am running with this one, I feel a sense of full completing a circle and whilst it is near impossible to culturally summarise an entire continent and huge culinary melting pot of flavour, this project is a playful look at certain food fermentation practices which have evolved in certain parts of the world and some which have evolved in my kitchen, through a delightful four courses of plates, sharing platters and ‘amuse bouche’ affairs.

This is not a culinary regurgitation of classic plates, it is not even fusion.  It is lead my the gut to bring something delicious into being and to amuse your mouth.

To add to the challenge will be exploring all this mostly with a plant based approach (vegetarian) and in consideration of the food traditions of a meat dominant countries of South America, you can appreciate the challenge, my slight trepidation and also my excitement.

I am certainly feeling all sorts of mole and chimichurri garnishing your plate as we go poco loco in the cultured test kitchen at The Cultured Club this week.  This will be a gut friendly feast!

Here is the culinary flavours of the adventure so far:

  • Kombucha Picso sour cocktail
  • Mole, quinoa pao de queija bread.  Mole soup with quinoa cheese bread, kefir sour cream, lime.
  • Mushroom tinga, blue cornk taco, guacamole, lima bean dip, chimchurri and salsa
  • Peruvian causa rellena, ajo amarillo. Sweet potato layer salad dish with chile sauce
  • caramelisa plantain and cajeta.  Sweet plantain with caramel

More eating, tasting, pairing ensues this week.  My nick name is hors d’oeuvre, affectionately given after the Irish prefix of ‘our’ before each family member.  I’ve got this!

Vamos, join me, come and be cultured!

All dishes are vegetarian.  Vegan options can be requested in advance.  Due to the nature of this event, vegan orders must be requested 48hours in advance.