I am a bit of a smitten kitten about these weeds.  Every single part of this plant is both edible and medicinal, from the flower to the root.  It is high in many essntial vitamins and minerals and wonderful for digestion and detoxing the liver.

We have made the pesto with the leaves and created a variety of digestive bitters with the root, but new to our foraging regime is the gathering of the bright sunny flowers to create a dandelion infused oil and later a dandelion balm.

Dandelion oil is a medicinal oil made by infusing the flowers of the dandelion plant.  Applied topically it is a wonderful salve to relieve achy, sore muscles and joints, swollen breasts and tense backs and necks. 


So easy is it to do, you will be rushing out to pick those flowers.  Just leave some for the bees.

Fill your glass jar half full with the flowers.  (It is advised to let htem dry off on a towel for about an hour before adding them to oil). Add enough oil to completely cover the flower – up to the brim.  Let it steep for two weeks.  After two weeks, strain the oil and get ready to melt some beeswax and coconut oil.

-220g of infused dandelion oil

-26g coconut oil

-26g of beeswax 

Melt the beeswax and coconut oil over a bain marie.  Then add the infused dandelion oil, mising them together.  Carefully pour into a jar. Allow the salve to cool.  Use liberally to relieve those aches and pains of a busy day.