Our regular monthly courses in OX restaurant give us that warm fussy feeling everytime and we can’t keep that all to ourselves, right?  The Cultured Club has some wonderful collaborations to bring to you in the coming months.

First up is a trip to The Good Food Initative in Ranelagh to bring the Introductory delights to all there!

The Mission of the initiative is to encourage people to learn more about sourcing and preparing food and developing their own expertise around its role in maintaining good health and every underlying philosophy and aim of this intiative resonates strongly with the ethos of The Cultured Club.

You can find out more about this wonderful resource here: goodfoodinitiative.ie and hoping we’ll see you there THIS Saturday.

March 7th 2015



I do believe there is one place left for someone who’s gut instinct just cannot be without these amazing foods any longer!