The saliva glands are watering because they are so good, not just because of their nutritional superpowers but because the fermentation process transforms the lemon peel’s bitterness into a unique taste that will amaze you.

Rich in probiotics
A liver detoxifier (the peel contains d-limonene which helps liver detox)
An immune booster (through the high content of vitamin C)

What’s not to love? We have a great habit of squeezing our lemons and then throwing the best bit out.

Preserved lemons are traditioanl to North African and Middle Eastern cuisines.  Used as a highly flavorful condiment to brighten up pretty much any dish.

But have you skipped by them not quite sure what to do with them?

To use in cooking, just rinse the preserved lemon, remove the seeds and use the rind and/or pulp in your recipe. Chop up and add to salad dressings.

Of course that just scratches the surface, there are many a culinary trick from tapenade to tonic, with this exquisite umami flavour.

Preserved Lemons Saturday 13th April @TheCulturedClub

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