In the blurry hours of the middle of the night, I lay in agony as a throat infection announced itself. Possibly the side effect of my husband suffering of the same symptoms for the last week. I have a particular phobia of such things as a bad case of quincy some years ago resulted in a lot of pain and serious course of antibiotics.

My glands were very swollen, to swallow really hurt and the thought of trip to the doctors for a predictable course of antibiotics was the causing even more distress.

It was possibly an email or some random google search (which I can no longer find!) but something in those blurry hours caught my attention.  The headline was something akin to ‘Nature’s perfect antibiotic- and it is from milk’

I clicked this tease of a headline, thinking I knew the typical natural antibiotics, (as I had already indulged in some oregano oil, some garlic, a gargle of salt water, some colloidal silver and a spray of echinacea etc etc), so to my surprise Milk kefir was being given top place on the list.Milk Kefir

Best of all I had some in the fridge.  It had been there for over a week mind and I was sure the taste was not going to be of utmost importance at this stage.  If this was natures antibiotic, I wanted it now!  In fact it looked something more like this:

Milk kefir separating in the jar- nothing to be afraid of!

Milk kefir separating in the jar- nothing to be afraid of!


To help with the morning sensation of it all I added some cacao powder and a bananas with a little vanilla powder  and I ate it until I could eat no more.  By mid afternoon, the inflammation was going down, swallowing was becoming a little more of a normal occurrence over a painful task and I was feeling a little perky.

By late lunch (as the appetite is a little suppressed at such times) I mixed up the remaining kefir with some maca ( for extra energy) some cinnamon, turmeric powder (for inflammation) and a little pinch of vanilla powder.  Delighted with a new taste, I finished off what would be over 1 litre of Milk kefir and the healing was well underway.

All hail the mighty natural antibiotic.

Tomorrow I’ll be having some more of ya!

If you wish to learn all about it and more then the next masterclass is focussing on all things milk kefir (covering diary and non-diary options)