Spring is showing and the sun is rising in the sky.  This time of year feels more like my new year than any January 1st ever will.  I have more energy and enthusiasm AND as the diary fills up with exciting plans for the year ahead, I need to see it on the wall in front of me.

However, as a woman running the show that is The Cultured Club, I also need to see my own rhythm, as I am aware of when I work best and when I really should rest.  I organise my life around my inner rhythms and allow this natural force to guide me and my diary.

Linear output is not possible when we are cyclic creations.  I am at my best pre-ovulatory than I am premenstrual and therefore I am more likely to organise any public events when I am clear of the red.  Yet I use this down time to coordinate the more administrative side of things, reset and incubate new dreams, taking advantage a natural cycle I cannot ignore.  It is a vital force that is an integral part of the health and wellbeing in the female body.

After a dedicated year of practising menstrual awareness, I know myself.  It cycle is prompt, yet can sensitive to the other demands of life. No month is ever quite the same but the pattern is always familiar.  I use it to inform my BUSYness and I welcome its arrival…..as ultimately I get to really rest.

I am at home in my body.

I trust its flow and the changes it brings.

It is business magic and takes the guess work out of planning.


ADDITONAL BONUS:  My husband and my children are aware. (You would be curious too of something so fiercely red and obvious on anyones calendar!).  This awareness allows for the continuous ebb and flow of me and ultimately avoids any PMT frustrations which may have been a unconscious part of a monthly routine.

This is positive menstrual time and information worth passing on to our children.  YOUR relationship to YOUR menstruation is your POWER yet we have received such little information about its advantages.

If you are ready to reclaim your menstrual cycle and get to know your inner seasons, join Mayella of Yo Soy Gaia and myself for a day reTREAT to feel at home with your vital force. You’ll be colour coding that calendar in no time!