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*Session cost is appropriate to undergraduate training level.

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How do you want to feel in your body?

Whether you are looking for some digestive ease for conditions such as IBS, bloating, candida, food intolerances
OR pain relief for the back, shoulders, head and allergy symptoms, become curious as to why you feel this way!
Whatever the symptom, allow the bio feedback of systematic kinesiology to guide YOU to where you need to focus your wellbeing efforts.
We do not diagnose or treat symptoms, the symptom is a sign!
We want to investigate the cause.
NOTHING takes place within the body without a reason.
Your initial treatment includes a consultation with a brief medical history in order to view the body as an integrated whole in this moment. In systematic kinesiology we use the body to test the body with a comprehensive set of muscles tests to identify where there is an imbalance. We switch on and balance muscles restoring energy flow.
Booking a treatment with something specific like digestive discomfort, we focus our treatment around WHY?
The body heals itself from the inside out, from the head down, and in reverse order of how the symptoms originally occurred. There may be possible food intolerances and necessary nutritional support needed.
It may be biochemical, emotional or structural imbalances which our body's innate intelligence is signalling.
Each inquiry and treatment edges you a little closer to the root cause with the aim to achieve your best health.
Our desired result is your improved health.
Initial session includes:
  • Medical history and Assessment.
  • A priority balance to establish stagnation and imbalance in the body.
  • Appropriate correction treatments
  • Supplement testing if necessary
  • After care protocol.
Subsequent sessions 50mins


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