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Book your RETURN consultation with Dearbhla.

This is to place a booking only but does not confirm the consultation on your chosen slot. Upon confirmation from Dearbhla, you will receive an email with the address for the Holywood Clinic and a payment link for your consultation.

*Session cost is appropriate to undergraduate training level.

For FIRST consultations, please follow this link.




This is for return consultations.

After your initial consultation and kinesiology treatment  we have an understanding of your wellbeing.
You have a road map back to feeling great again.
Allow the bio feedback of systematic kinesiology to reveal your improvements and further guide your wellbeing efforts as the root cause unravels.
The body heals itself from the inside out, from the head down, and in reverse order of how the symptoms originally occurred.
Nothing takes place within the body without a reason and everything taken in by the body has an effect on its health.
We would encourage you to bring any food diary or current supplements with you to this appointment.
We are committed to wellness counselling and believe that your commitment is necessary for continued treatments.

A return consultation will engage deeper systematic kinesiology techniques to bring further balance to the body to support your healing.  This may be continued personalised nutritional support, a herbal remedy or supplement support for example.

Session includes:
  • A check-in review from previous sessions.
  • Priority treatment where needed in the body and appropriate corrections.
  • A review your personalised protocol
We recommend a course of 3+ sessions is for maximum results however this is of course optional.
Session: 50mins


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