There are moments and connections in life (if you are lucky) which actually turn everything you have ever known on its head and the enlightened truths of life are there for you to integrate into a new way of being.  For me this was evident after meeting Mayella Almazan.

In the full flow as the female of the species, my natural monthly cycle was something that just happened.  In fact, an underplayed event which has culturally been depicted as a rollercoaster psychotic drama.

We have all seen the references, we have all heard the jokes and we have all been very, very misunderstood.  Swollen breasts, moody as fuck, unfocused, overwhelmed, yes I have suffered and got on with it thinking it was never too bad. After two children, I have felt the surges of hormonal soup the body can create.   This cycle is real, BUT what if it didn’t have to be such a pain?


What if a clear understanding of what is really going on, and the care we need to take of ourselves, allowed us to become thankful and in praise of this natural cycle?

It is an ever changing seasonal landscape.


It is a legitimate reason to take a day off!

Imagine indulging in the joys of being a natural women and navigating and managing your wonderful self with full knowledge and ease.  Seems impossible to believe, but awareness is the secret.  HERE is a little sense of what awaits you!


At The Cultured Club we appreciate that taking care of our microbiome is important to our GUT Health and overall well being.  So too, can taking care of the seasonal phases of our menstrual cycle, offering us wonderful hormonal health and a smooth month.


This is our offering to you at Triskelle Retreats.

Join us for the first offering from Triskelle Retreats, a collaboration of three passionate women providing a Summer exploration of the seasonal joys of being a woman!  Harnessing the vitality of this time of year we will focus on how to take care of the inner seasonal changes.  Integrate all your learning into a focussed yoga session with LA Yoga  as you engage in a range of poses and postures to support the different phases of your cycle.  Then join me, The Cultured Club, for a four course meal, where you can savour food for a happy gut and learn some nutritional tips to support you and your hormonal landscape throughout the month.





  • Arrive

    Make yourself at home with a morning elixir and meet Mayella, Aoife & myself

  • Settle

    Start the day with a welcoming meditation presented by Mayella Almazan of Yo Soy Gaia, followed by an introduction to the seasonal cycle of the Women.

  • Move

    Bring all this new knowledge to the mat where you will be guided through a yoga flow with Aoife of LA Yoga.

  • Eat

    Relax and digest over a 4 course tasting menu from The Cultured Club offering food for a happy gut and the nutritonal emphasis for each phase of your cycle.

  • Depart

    Once digested, integrate the day with a final meditation and closing conversation and depart into the world as a new woman!

    BOOKING available through Aoife O’ Dalaigh on 07810746647 or via Paypal