I cannot begin to express the rollercoaster of the past few months.  I am so grateful for all your feedback as you leaf through the pages of The Cultured Club, Fabulously Funky Ferments book.

Now what?  Suffice to say that is accounts for stretches of quiet interspersed with the joy of sharing.

I have been battling the standard-procedure of society, the suggestion that growth would mean following the normal business model.  I hear your requests, I feel frustrated I cannot meet your demand nor force a square peg into the big circle before me.

I have edged forward tentatively and realised my biggest enemy is FEAR and I am breaking those chains that keep me tied to the belief that I must do as others do.

I cannot help that I see the world from a different perspective, and although my thinking is indeed DIFFERENT, I see it as great possibility for change and the opportunity to reconnect a broken culture.

Something special is on offer: And it is based on SYMBIOSIS.

This is not about the model of business growth and projected sales, it is inspired by the direction of nature of these very foods and it if a focus of collaborating, of sharing, of helping, of togetherness and re-establishing community.

At this foundation it is about enabling and strengthening healthy and organic eating and making this as widely accessible and available as possible.

It is promoting a slower life and slow food, conscious consumerism and getting to know who is producing your food. The small farmer and the small producer are relevant to the whole chain of production, delivering something of value.

Food production is one of the basic fundamentals of our society. If we change our mindset, our eating habit and our way of consuming, we are creating a new market.

We are taking a bold step with a view to enable your community to have access to these wonderful foods and offering the opportunity to establish The Cultured Club, Fabulously Funky Ferments™ in your area.

WE are enabling you to start up as an independent food producer of the artisan, small batch w0nder foods, under the  trusted brand of The Cultured Club.


  • If you have a passion for Fermented foods.
  • If you believe in healthy eating and slow food
  • If you wish to service your community, build community and create inspired networks
  • If you wish to be part of an engaging movement and a fulfilling job
  • Whatever time you have to dedicate, get in touch and register your interest HERE


We will be launching ten licensing agreements as part of our pilot program in April 2017 and currently we are accepting expressions of interest.

I have been waiting to share this for some time, We are a Club after all.

Dearbhla x