There was a time when bread was off the menu.  It was an inventive time of crackers made with seeds and fauxdough made with flax meal and nuts.  All delicious of course BUT there is nothing that beats the deeply satisfying taste of flour, water, salt and time.  

My hubby became the baker, making friends with wild yeasts, falling in love with the science behind gluten and perfecting his folding techniques, all in search of the perfect crumb and that happy feeling of a fresh loaf from the oven first thing in the morning.

More than happy to leave him to his exclusive relationship with the dough I found it rather amusing that my first job in OX restaurant is to make the bread.  From baking none to ten a day to be served in a mitchelin star restaurant, the love affair has captivated me too and it is now our joint pursuit and pleasure to spread the love.  If not this at least something worthy of spreading some butter on ❤️

JOIN Us for a sourdough workshop

We are scheduling our dates for 2020 and hope that you can join us.

As it is the season to be jolly, bread has to be up there with one of the simplest and jolliest things going!  We are offering GIFT VOUCHERs for you to surprise your nearest and dearest with.  All gift vouchers can be posted out if ordered before December 20th.


It is the gift that will keep giving, at least a loaf or two. Stretch someones creative muscles and tune up their artistic side.

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