During the holidays it’s easy to overindulge in sugary treats.

The reality of this has yet to unfold BUT I feel it creeping with alarming force.

In the Autumn of this year I delighted myself by getting through a challenging 8 weeks without sugar.  I must admit I fell into by accident however if you want to mindfully consider it, it cannot recommend it highly enough.  Sarah Wilson’s I QUIT SUGAR programme is life changing.

Believing that I ate a fairly healthy diet, with a palate which predominantly favours things a little more sour than sweet, did not prepare me for the withdrawals I would experience by eliminating ALL sugars including fruit, refined carbs, the starchy vegetables, such as beetroot, carrot, sweet potatoes as well as any shape of the sweet stuff, healthy or not.  I even stopped drinking kombucha and water kefir during this time, just in case any residual sugars were lurking in the brew.

By week three, I was ready to kill for a sweet fix.

Yes, those sugar loving pathogenic bacteria were screaming for their last chance at some grub.

BUT I did not give in.  I would crowd out the thoughts with a strong will, a spoonful of fermented goodness and an additional supporting probiotic of Saccharomyces boulardii.  (It likes to chase after Candida, that sugar loving resident of our intestines).   In addition to this a tablespoon of coconut oil worked well or a tall glass of good old water.  (I need serious help in remembering the basics when it comes to water.)

The 8 weeks got easier and easier, they were bloody delicious too and 3 months later I still do well to avoid the stuff…………

..UNTIL this week!

WINTERS’ dark evenings have set in and my hibernating instincts have really appeared from nowhere, as have the sweets and treats.   Small Lindt milk chocolate balls made their way into my life and mindlessly, like I had no control, into my mouth.  Not just one but two, then three, then, I don’t know, i lost count!

Even after 3 months of relatively little sugar, a straight hit of pure sugar literally created havoc.

Literally in a day I went from feeling vibrant and energetic to lethargic and in need of more SUGAR, or anything that could be easily converted to sugar.   I am grateful that I can recognise this drastic swing directly attributed to consuming something which should be classed as a drug. It is widely thought to affect the brain in a similar way to cocaine, and now a new study has suggested people addicted to sugar should be treated in the same way as other drug abusers.  The addiction is real and it is only when you have literally been released from its deceptive grasp that you can see how easily it traps you.


Thankfully, my trusty ferments came into play again to crowd out the sugar craving candida bacteria and I am back, restored to my former clarity.

I would consider stocking up on your favourite ferments as one will need all the luck possible to navigate their way through the sugar coated holidays.  I am tempted to turn my attention to making some pickle juice turkish delight type treats as a kitchen experiment to suit my palate!  Not sure if the chemistry will allow it though.


‘The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads’…
and all that seasonal jazz!


Kimchi, seasonal kraut & master tonic will all be available on Thursday December 15th @Kiln&Loom Christmas market and carol service.  Otherwise, get something into a jar now…your Gut Flora deserves it. Balance is everything!