After a hugely successful pop-up dinner last year at Helen’s Bay Organic Gardens, we are delighted to welcome you back for an evening of taste bud tickling treats.  The tasting table is a 6 course meal set in the very farm that grows some of your food.  Our focus is to present food in a clean way employing some traditional fermentation techniques and  raw food preparation to deliver new tastes to the plate.   Fermented foods will weave their way into each plate as part of a tasty nutritious serving. We have been slowly foraging, gradually gathering and internationally perserving some treats for you already and now the fun part begins as we plan a tasting menu for you to explore many new flavours.

Our menu is shaping up nicely and at present we have the hard task of taste testing these dishes:

Aged miso egg, smoky pesto, dukkah, wild flowers

Indian buttermilk soup, buckwheat cracker, nut cheese


Beet Kvass & Saurekraut soup Polish style

 Cabbage roll tamale, mushroom & nut stuffing, celeriac, apple, kimchi dust

Fermented daikon radish carpaccio, beetroot & horseradish, wild garlic chimcurri

Raw seaweed falafel, sticky seaweed pickle, asian cucumber pickle salad

Fermented apple & goji berries compote, coconut yoghurt, buckwheat crispies


There will be a welcoming beverage from Panacea drinks.

You are welcome to Bring your own alcohol

 BOOK YOUR SEAT at our Tasting Table.  We look forward to spoiling you

(Vegan alternative will be provided upon prior notification.)