Christmas is a coming and the goose is getting fat and I bet the goose is feeling the burden of Christmas!

But this is not a rant about what we choose to eat, it is about repackaging the whole deal!

The traditions with integrity I get and I love the fact that the yuletide cheer lightens up the darkest time of the year, (I shall refrain from diverging into the details of the source of the tradition) BUT, I always get a little fretful around this time as the pre christmas pressure to buy meaningless STUFF clashes with a deep sense that really there is nothing we need.

Don’t get me wrong, I love giving things to people.  Mostly it is edible and usually something I am sure of sharing, as it is made with carefully selected ingredients.  Whether it is appreciated, it has been made with LOVE.

My Children have yet to write their letter to Santa ( ages 7 and nearly 4 years old) and what I have noticed that it is an inconceivable notion even to them.  I don’t push the idea of the big man in the sleigh, nor use his arrival as a threat over their behaviour, but deciding what you want from him, well, they just don’t understand the boundlessness of it all.

So, how do we repackage this notion of giving?.  I love it when a deep inner logic which I struggle to express is articulated so specifically, so boldly and so intelligently than I could ever give justice to. I read an article this morning entitled ‘The Gift of Death‘  and it has stayed with me every minute of today.

“We are screwing the planet to make solar-powered bath thermometers and desktop crazy golfers.
People in eastern Congo are massacred to facilitate smart phone upgrades of ever diminishing marginal utility(3). Forests are felled to make “personalised heart-shaped wooden cheese board sets”. Rivers are poisoned to manufacture talking fish. This is pathological consumption: a world-consuming epidemic of collective madness, rendered so normal by advertising and the media that we scarcely notice what has happened to us.”  George Monbiot.

You can read the whole article here and I would urge you to do so.

A pathological system we all play a part in to show our nearest and dearest how much we care!   I don’t want to spoil your Christmas, so if you would like to know more I encourage you to take the time to watch THIS:The story of stuff! 

We know none of it makes sense!  I remember deciding one Christmas to “buy” a goat for each one of my nephews one Christmas! They wanted the goat of course and the concept of it going to a family in the developing world was lost and I was banished to the ‘Weird Auntie’ corner forever!

I would stand by it though still and encourage ‘being present’ and the giving of the quackiest, alternative gifts with a positive story behind them!  Hope my family are game.

Give a concept, give a thought, give inspiration, give a skill, give an experience, give them something to talk about, goodness knows we are seriously avoiding the real  issues.

Of course you could give them a gift voucher to The Cultured Club to open the door to a lost skill which also aims to #wasteless.  It is not that I want your money, if we all bartered I’d be thrilled.  Therefore we can all contribute to changing this crazy system.

Just incase anyone wants to take me up an a barter, here is my WISH LIST

  • yoga classes
  • a massage (or any other alternative therapy which will continue to attract more positivity in my life)
  • A colonic session, just to totally clear out (TMI)
  • Your computer knowledge: esp web related or photoshop/graphic design
  • Photography expertise & some photos
  • Video expertise & some footage
  • Graphic printing abilities.
  • Gardening experitse.
  • Some plants.
  • A dinner invite & good company (These offers decreased since I started playing with my food.)
  • Shelves, yes shelves, I can never have enough shelves, (the jars needs somewhere to live.)
  • An inspired music collection to work to, relax to, dance to!
  • SPACE: to teach, to meet, to rest, to gather, to co-create.
  • Your love of house cleaning (I am a reluctant housewifey)
  • Babysitting offers
  • Your support
  • Your encouragement
  • OH, and an open ended invite to enjoy your holiday home in Spain/Italy/whenever there is sun!

All of it ………………..priceless!