Sauces are essential to cuisines. They can play many roles.  Even when some of our dishes only have a few elements on the plate, the sauce can actually be one of the focal points.  

At least that is how it is for me.  I have mastered the art of simple cooking which allows the sauces to steal the show, bringing a new flavour and accentuating the simplicity of the other ingredients.  Furthermore, the sauce is where i like to hide all those unique vibrant flavours  and sour notes which fermented foods offer, whilst delivering a healthy dose of probiotic goodness to the meal. Sweet, Sour, Salty all combine to give texture, balance and satisfaction to any meal.

Who loves a chilli sauce? Sweet, sour, salty, spicy smoothed out with a creamy finish.

My mother was a cookery teacher and when I was a little girl she shared her wisdom and skill in the kitchen with me…mostly passed on by osmosis.  One of the first things she taught me were THE MOTHER SAUCES which form the foundations of many other sauces and dishes. Mastering these sauces gave such scope.  The kitchen was a playground of flavour and possibility.  Still the joy of playing prevails even though I am older in years.  Making simple food elevate with a well balanced sauce has been an enjoyable pursuit of recent years.

With fermented foods a firm fixture in my culinary regime, the use of these fermented pantry staples allows for continual experiments.  I have experienced so deeply the nutritional and healing qualities of these foods and their transformational effects.  Not only will they rock your taste buds but they will elevate your health.

In the many years of working with fermented foods, I have witnessed a host of reactions. From those who cannot get enough, like me, it is an instant affair, to those who will give it a curious try but the romance never blooms. “An acquired taste” they may say.  But the most curious group of all  is the group were this notion, this sourness, is a travesty.

WELL , I have a secret.  I have been working on a recipe collection of SAUCES for a while BECAUSE they possess a unique flavour and harnessing unlocks some unforgettable tastes.

It was in tribute to my late mother that the inspiration of this book first flowed forth, wishing to honour the skill she instilled in me.  This endeavour has been met with wavering enthusiasm as the year that followed her death, Cancer would slowly, yet agressively, steal away my lovely sister-in-law and friend, too young and too soon.

It is always a balance of watering your own patch and wanting to help water someone elses.  To soothe, I would make some more kimchi satay, knowing this is what makes the world a better place, well dinner at least and life would ebb and flow with various degrees of inertia.  I would put some chimichurri on my pizza (yes, you must try it!) and preserve yet another jar of lemons or garlic.

And then the world went on pause, I felt an overwhelming sense of reevaluation.  Finally we all had TIME. Time to FERMENT thoughts AND supplies.  Time to play too.

Grief was not done with me yet and soon after lock down, my father passed away, to be honest, I temporarily lost a bit of me too.  A little winded by grief and lacking the zest one needs to share or even care, I shelved this project once again.

However, these foods saved me. They heal. They preserve and their effervescence cannot be contained.  I found a way to blend it all together to get back to my SAUCY LIFE.

Life (and dinner) would be very bland without the things that bring joy. So with a double serving of admiration and love, I finally have something I am delighted to share with you.

Six EASY fermented staples.

Twenty Six Special SAUCES

A Cultural adventure.

A Culinary Explosion

Make the TIME.

Make the choice.

Have some FUN.

Share the FUNK

SAUCY is a new ebook by author Dearbhla Reynolds making fermented foods an adventure in flavour, fun and good gut health.

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