I love creating new flavours in my krauts, so it seemed a natural progression to include another kitchen love into the mix:  spice blends.

The joy of creating a spice blend not only fills my kitchen with a beautiful aroma, but having a little stash prepared means spicing up a simple dish is easy, fast and full of flavour.

For sometime now I have been making a Za’atar Kraut, and every time I list it, customers always raise the brow.

Za’atar what?

What’s that?

This unique spice blend is a staple in Middle Eastern countries for thousands of years, so I appreciate that unless you are an adventurous cook, you may not have encountered it.

The primary ingredients of a za’atar are thyme (oregano or marjoram may be used instead), sesame seeds, and sumac, a type of bright, red berry that grows on bushes in the Middle East.  Sumac has a tangy, lemony flavor that adds a hint of sour. Za’atar’s combination of thyme, sesame seeds, and sumac results in a spice blend that is nutty, tangy, herbal, and very versatile.  It is just as good as my other favourite Dukkah

Add this spice blend flavor to meat and vegetables or sprinkle it over bread with some olive oil.  Stir it into soups or yogurt or add to your favourite dips.  I am thinking any kind of hummus, baba ghanoush, or tzatziki.

Better still, mix it into your sauerkraut and let the flavour infuse!


To make your own stash combine:

2 tbsps sumac,

2 tbsps thyme (rosemary/oregano/marjoram options)

2 tbsps sesame seeds (I prefer to toast the seeds).

Cover the spice jar, shake it up, and store in a cool, dark place.


So the next time I say Za’atar Kraut, you can say “Yes, Please!”