Master Tonic 250ml


The Cultured Clubs MASTER TONIC is a spicy, potent remedy which offers a boost to the immune system. This is a natural tonic to take through the autumn and winter months of cold and flu season.

  • anti-viral
  • anti-bacteria
  • anti-fungal
  • anti-parasitic

Made of basic ingredients of ginger, garlic, horseradish, onion, chilli infused in Apple cider vinegar, this tonic contains 100% natural ingredients and no chemicals.

Garlic is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-fungal ingredient popular as an immune booster.

Ginger is believed to help ward of colds, flu and infections as well as soothe sore throats.

Horseradish is incredible for stimulating the immune system and purging the sinuses. Peel one, you’ll understand.

Onions possess a variety of anti-oxidants and are believed to have high levels of quercetin, helping reduce the risk of upper respiratory infections.

Chillies, do they need an introduction?  They are a great support for the immune system and act as a natural decongestant.

You can feel this tonic right down to your toes.

Feel IT.


For daily immune support drink 25ml per day.

Feeling under the weather?  Take 3-5 times per day.

Suitable for use during pregnancy and safe for children.


Disclaimer: The information included in this post is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. None of the opinions expressed here are meant to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. You should always consult your healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for your own situation.



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