SAPOLOGY is a new emerging brand from The Cultured Club philosophy dedicated to the art and science of making healthy food taste amazing.

This MASTER YOUR TONIC is a seasoning mix using of all those insanely flavourful ingredients which make our signature Master Tonic.  The mix of infused ingredients are slowly dried to capture the tangy, spicy and umami punch. These are further mixed with roasted peanuts, sesame seeds and coconut flakes balanced to create a complex and perfect sprinkle for adding to many dishes from noodles to rice, eggs to vegetables.  Find your place for it on the plate and elevate your connection to food with every bite.


  • Net weight 70g


  • Ingredients:  Chilli, horseradish, onion, ginger, garlic, roasted peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, toasted coconut flakes, cinnamon



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