6 FERMENTED pantry staples.

An Introductory Course to Fermentation & Flavour.

  • 6 Easy to follow videos of select ferments.
  • 26 Recipes in a beautiful easy to reference Downloadable Book
  • Awarded The Cultured Club Sauce Badge upon course completion to display proudly on your socials/website

That’s £1 per beautifully inspired probiotic sauce recipe!

Delicious satisfaction awaits.






Are you feeling unsure where to start with fermented foods? Have you some projects on the go but you are feeling uninspired and not sure how to serve these foods?  Even the most doubting will never believe these recipes are fermented.

Are you short on time to get some ferments on the go AND unsure if you (or your family more to the point) will like them after all your culinary efforts?. I understand, it’s time, it’s money and sometimes we just need play safe.  We have done the work for you. These Sauces will make stunning additions to simple ingredients.

Do you wish for better health? Digestive ease, less allergies, clear skin, bright eyes, a happy gut and a happy mind AND for it to taste good? All this awaits you by harnessing the unique flavour of fermentation and combining it with choice ingredients. Food that is good for you doesn’t have to be bland.  One meal at a time, it is all possible with REAL FOOD.

Bring gut health to the table.

To make things REALLY simple, this course has been refined and crafted to show you how to create SIX of the easiest and most versatile, stress-free ferments to have in your pantry.  All you have to do is prepare them alongside the video tutorials.  There is no need to be nervous about the process, we will walk you through it safely, all at your own pace and then you can sit back and let the transformation occur.  Once fermented, you can explore the variety of mouth watering sauces detailed for you to make with these probiotic rich foods.

It is that simple. A balanced microbiome, a boosted immune system, a happy gut, a happy mind AND dinners that taste as good as a fine dining dinner. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Have you got good guts?

Shall we talk about guts, just for a moment? Perhaps we can introduce it as our microbiome? Or our inner garden? This is your internal environment, made up of microbes and it has a vital part to play in keeping you healthy. How your skin looks, how you sleep, how often you get sick, how you think of the world and of course your digestive ease.

One Trillion bacteria.  Nearly 2kg of microbes all co-exsiting inside to influence your wellbeing.  So it makes sense that your involvement in ensuring eating a diverse diet will create a healthy microbiome and therefore a strong, healthy body which radiates immunity, vitality and positivity.

Sounds good right?  We want to make this as enjoyable, as creative and as diverse as all those wonderful microbes within.

Illustration by Gaby D’Alessandro


So simple, so delicous. Learn the secrets.

It is easy to get carried away or overwhelmed when starting out on new culinary adventures.  This is why we have refined a course with clear, focused instruction.  It is an invitation to slow down and commit to this specialised approach, allowing yourself the time to join me for six online home study lessons which you can refer to at any time.  By minimising the overwhelm, you can learn the culinary secrets of how to create the most tastebud tickling, vibrant sauces from probiotic, highly nutritious, living foods, all with basic equipment. Six fermented pantry staples, twenty six different sauces to create.  These flavours will wake up your palate and change your plate forever.  At its least demanding, making a new sauce every fortnight the year ahead in food never tasted so good!  My mouth is watering already.

This is an inexpensive skill guiding you to create nutritionally packed foods fit for a Michelin star dining experience.

About your teacher

This course is designed & lead by myself, Dearbhla (pronounced DER-V-LA), Founder and overall fermentation enthusiast on a mission to make your microbiome a happy one.

Established in 2012, I have close to ten years experience in sharing the joys of fermented foods, teaching in kitchens, colleges, private classes and at my own dedicated fermentation commercial kitchen.

This course is about efficiency and ALL about FLAVOUR.  Allow me to share my  successes with you.

After extensive experimenting and documenting of this specialised food genre, (detailed in The Cultured Club book) this offering takes the best of these foods and places them in to new culinary arena.

Combining the unique flavour that fermented foods offer with a creative understanding, I will guide you to a insightful way to achieve great gut health.

Life time access to this course, with video tutorials, a comprehensive downloadable ebook and individual recipe cards.